I was recently promoted and struggling with imposter syndrome which was leading me to even consider retiring earlier than planned. However, after making the choice to begin work with Curt, my career seemed to magically start changing for the better, but I know that is not true. Coaching with Curt improved my life as the insights I gained during coaching sessions and between sessions while completing the exercises, influenced my thinking and that, in turn, influenced my behavior at work. For instance, reviewing my values, goals and strengths again at an older age refreshed my memory – reminding me of who I am and have always been. This caused me to shift my focus at work to showcase my talents and not ruminate about my deficiencies which had a very positive ripple effect at work and was much more fun! I am much more satisfaction with my career now. I highly recommend career coaching with Curt and like anything in life, you will get as much out of it as you put into it.